For years, I’ve written fiction and edited that of others under the moniker, “Angeledit”. This has been with me since my first forays into the internet in the 1990’s. Now, as I go into my Senior years, I’ve ventured into non-fiction outside of my job. I say it that way since my job over the last dozen or so years has involved writing business reports, white paper, case studies, and newsletters (both paper and digital). With a little help from my significant other and AWAI, I’m on my way to doing that.

The copywriting is not enough, however, so I have split the blog in to two: Mybabyboomer.blog and QuickQuillGroup.com. In the baby boomer blog, stories my my long years as a full-time caregiver will predominate – and I welcome stories from other baby boomers who have been caregivers. QuickQuillGroup will focus on writing. Both of these are from my point of view for the most part. If I find something that I feel strongly about on either subject, be assured I will do the research and present all I can from that research. Caregiving is too important for the futures of all baby boomers as we reach our later 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. I’ll give my opinions, but I will also present the thoughts and ideas of others. This blog invites others to submit guest blogs and comments. I’m looking for stories about experiences that will help others in similar situations, give hope, and help with gaining understanding and empathy.

My name is Jessie McPeeke. I graduated from Wakefield High School in Arlington, VA in 1965. I’ve lived in Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Florida, Alaska, North Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, and Missouri. I studied Criminal Justice in college. My work over the years includes owning two small, but successful businesses, and almost 30 years as a government employee – secretary, Air Traffic Controller, electronic tech, Admin Support, and Program Analyst. For several of these positions, I’ve researched, written, and edited many different types of business correspondence, including reports to political bodies to justify programs and obtain more workable budgets.

So, with help from AWAI’s incredible writing courses, and much encouragement from friends, I embark on this new time in my life – and a new career.

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